Mayflower Restoration

Mayflower Restoration

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Since 1957, an estimated 25 million people have stepped aboard Mayflower, a full-scale reproduction of the square-rigged cargo vessel that brought the Pilgrims of Plymouth in 1620. 

Students visiting this floating classroom learn the perils and methods of the 17th-century maritime world, and contemplate the voyage their own ancestors may have taken.

Plimoth Plantation began the complete restoration of this historic vessel in 2015. The overall campaign goal of $20,200,000 includes the restoration of Mayflower, the shallop (the boat the Pilgrims used to explore Cape Cod) and a maintenance fund to ensure that the ship will continue to educate and inspire future generations.

The Mayflower will be ready to sail back into Plymouth Harbor in time for the 400th anniversary of the original voyage.