Why This Matters

Why This Matters

“A place like Plimoth Plantation can transport you back to another time and deepen your understanding of American history, Native American culture and our shared environment.”

Anita Walker
Executive Director
Massachusetts Cultural Council


“Why should we care about the seventeenth century?

Aside from teaching us how to govern ourselves, preserve freedom of conscience and speech as inalienable rights, organize a global economy amidst climate change, and explore new worlds of commerce and the imagination, what can the seventeenth century do for us? Well, just about everything.

Who we are reflects who we were.”

David A. Furlow
Executive Editor
Texas Supreme Court Historical Society Journal
On-Screen Commentator, The History Channel


“What I found in Plimoth was an institution worthy not only of emulation, but of admiration… at today’s Plimoth, one can witness an alchemy created by blending a hefty dose of experience, a couple dollops of cleverness, and -the secret ingredient- more than a few refreshing drops of sheer boldness. Plimoth’s answer to the question of sustainability, even growth, is better history and more of it, not less. It’s a greater commitment to its mission, not an about-face from it. …they are already succeeding in creating an energy that can’t be found at most heritage site these days… I can’t imagine anyone not wanting to be a part of it.”

Taylor Stoermer, PhD
Author, The History Doctor