A Letter from the Executive Director

1620. The voyage that made a nation and changed the world.

Here, American self-government drew its first breath in the Mayflower Compact. The words covenant and combine ourselves together in a Civil Body Politic” echo down the centuries as powerful today as they were 400 years ago.

The Native peoples, Plymouth colonists, mariners and traders who met along these shores of change created a new society. Sometimes in collaboration, sometimes in conflict, they crafted a region rich in intellect, spirituality, self-government, and commerce; a place of creative splendor whose influence on American culture is inestimable.

The story that unfolds here every day in our living history exhibits and programs, as well as online and through conversations with staff and volunteers, is a national story.  And it’s people like you who sustain the educational mission of this magnificent history museum through their generous support.

As a series of significant milestones approach – including the 400th anniversary of the Mayflower Compact and the Pilgrims’ landing, and the 400th anniversary of the first Thanksgiving – we are excited to reinvigorate our approaches and to reach new audiences with our groundbreaking public history programs.

From a new residential center for scholarly study on the 17th-century Atlantic World to an exhibit telling the story of the pre-European homeland of the region’s Native people to a dynamic new exhibit based on the life of Plymouth Colony’s most accomplished businesswoman and of course a fully restored Mayflower II, this fundraising campaign presents unparalleled opportunities for friends of the Museum — like you — to make history today.

The average donation by individuals made to Plimoth Plantation is $100.00. But your tax-deductible donation today in any amount will help us reach our goal.  Please join the growing circle of supporters whose generosity is illuminating the past and inspiring the future.


Ellie Donovan
Executive Director